gold farming in rush wars

Gold Farming Tips

Gold is the bottleneck in Rush Wars and you will soon get to a point where you simply don’t have enough Gold to upgrade your HQ or units.

That’s why I wanted to write this guide that should help you out and help you to get more Gold in Rush Wars.

Farming Gold Basics

There are only two things that will earn you Gold in Rush Wars.

One is defeating an opponent and getting the Gold from his Gold Mine if you can score at least 1 Star in your attack.

The other is the Gold you will get from opening boxes.

Boxes are pretty limited and you can only get one key to open a box per hour.

Opening boxes is something that will happen allong when atacking and without having any limit to attack this is the best way to farm Gold in Rush Wars.

The only downside is that you will need to pay some Gold to start an attack.

Below I have a strategy for you that will give you the highest possible Gold income and that is the fastest way to get Gold without spending Gems or even real money in Rush Wars.

Best Strategy To Farm Gold

The best way to get Gold faster in Rush Wars consists of three elemental strategies that work together:

  1. Getting the highest Gold possible from attacks
  2. Defending the Gold in your Gold Mine
  3. Saving Gold by not spending it on things you don’t need (right now)

So let’s go through all of them now.

#1 – Get More Gold From Attacks

If you start an attack you already have to pay Gold (e.g. in HQ3 it’s 5 Gold) and you will get served a base.

You can see how much Gold you can possibly earn by looking at the Towers:

rush wars scout gold mines

Now you would say “why should I attack a Gold Mine that doesn’t offer much Gold?”, right?

I’ve seen many telling you to search for those 45+ Gold Mines but that’s a huge mistake that will slow down your Gold income!!!

The thing is, you pay for every base you skip as well – but you already payed for the base you#re seing already.

Let’s say I need to skip about five to ten Gold Mines until I see that 45 Gold Mine, I already spent 25-50 Gold so this can already be a negative profit!

Getting your troops ready for an attack doesn’t cost you time or Gold so always attack any base the game offers you, even if you know you can only get 1-Star out of the base.

I recommend you to use an attacking strategy that always works and is easy to use, like Shields & Bazookas or all Tanks. They always get you at least 1-Star.

#1.1 – Don’t Use Your Airdrops Unless You Have To

If you can win without using your airdrops you will get an additional 20 Gold for that attack so try to use it as few as possible to actually get that 20 extra Gold.

gold from not using air drops

There are many Gold Mines that you can easily beat without your airdrop and even if they don’t offer much Gold they can get you the 20 bonus Gold.

#2 – Defend Well!

With every attack against your Gold Mine you have the chance to defend a good amount of Gold!

lost gold from defenses

This is the amount of Gold a bad defense can cost you easily so make sure you update your Gold Mine defenses every day and also use the best defensive setup possible.

By the way, I’m building a collection of the best defensive setups for all maps right now here 🙂

#3 – Only Upgrade Useful Cards

I know it’s tempting to upgrade all the cards, especially the new ones you get. This costs you a lot of Gold and is not what you want to do.

I recommend you to go with one of the best working attacking strategies and save the Gold for later and only upgrade these units as well as the defensive units you use a lot (Mortar, Cannon, Bazooka, etc.)

This will prevent that you are constantly low on Gold and with those units upgraded you can do better attacks and better defenses that will help you stockpile a nice amount of Gold now 🙂

That’s it for now, if you have additional things or questions please drop a comment below.

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