best defense layouts in rush wars

Best Defense Setup All Gold Mine Maps

Defending works different in Rush Wars than in any other game you know – every day you will have to set up your defenses new and you will get a new map to do that – this means you can’t develop defensive layouts over a longer period.

Also, there will be many more defense you have to perform in every day so defending your Gold Mine is really important.

Luckily I have here a frequently updated list of solid defensive setups that you can use whenever you get a new map that you need to set up.

Get More Defensive Stars

If you only see a few attacks against your Gold Mine and lack of getting defense stars for your Defense Chest you should keep your Gold in your Gold Mine rather than collecting it.

If your base offers only a little Gold you only get attacked by those attackers that are able to get the 3-Star – if you base offers max Gold there are many more attackers going for one Storage rather than the full 3-Star 🙂

rush wars keep gold in gold mine for more attacks

Best Defense HQ2

As I said I have here defenses for the different Gold Mine maps that I try to keep as updated and complete as possible.

rush wars best defense hq2

This is a really well working defense simply because the Shield troops will distract enemy troops while they get into the range of the Mortar that deals lethal damage to them. The Cannon works here very good as well and will keep all the troops busy until the Mortas has taken them down. The additional Pitcher is also nice to deal with larger groups of leightweight troops faster.

Best Defense HQ3

Let’s have a look at the defensive setups for HQ level 3.

rush wars best defense hq3

This is also a really well-working defensive layout with the Mortar in the back and the Gold Storages tanking for the defenses. Yes, you will lose some stars here and there but the 3-Star is extremely hard to get against this defensive setup. The Plumbers on top will distract the attacking units while the bazooka can deal massive splash damage as well as the Cannon that is well-protected behind the Gold Storage. On the bottom path there’s a Tesla behind the Gold Storage and the Bazooka can also switch down there if the attacker chooses to go hard on the bottom lane.

rush wars best defense hq3 no2

If you have to defend your Gold Mine in this island-style setup go for this defensive setup. The Mortar in the middle will target already at the bridges so every setup running tanks fit Bazookas behind it will already suffer damage from it as the tanks will walk out and the troops behind will walk into the Mortar radius. Each side is also well-protected by the Tank/Bazooka setup at the bottom or the Cannon on the top and when the attacker gets past it, the upper or lower defenses will join in and make even a 2-Star really hard to get.

rush wars best defense hq3 no3

On this map you want to set up your defenses like that and the freeze will be crucial and lethal to attacking units while all of your heavy damage defenses will target them – I don’t know how anyone would potentially go through this defensive line at all. Great way to solve defenses 😎


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