best rush wars attacking strategy

Best Attacking Strategies In Rush Wars

In Rush Wars you will unlock new troops very fast and with many troops you have a lot of options to attack other players’ Gold Mines. The problem is, you have to decide what troops you take prior to see how the defenses in the enemy Gold Mine is set up.

If you grinded some hundreds trophies already you will see that attacks get harder so I wanted to show you some attacking strategies that work almost all the time simply because htey are really effective (and yet quite easy as well).

Let’s go.

Best Attacking Strategies

As I said I have here several ones and I think they will suit any player, no matter if you spend Gems or not.

Shields & Bazookas With Boost

This is the very basic strategy and also for those of you that don’t spend Gems on Rush Wars (yet). It’s pretty easy to get the cards to upgrade them a few levels and they do fine against most defenses – especially those combining troop with the Mortar (what basically all of the defenses do right now).

rush wars best attacking shields bazookas setup

All you need to do is using one Shield unit with one Bazooka unit. Normally you can use double of them on the strong lane and one of them on the easier lane.

rush wars best attacking shields bazookas deployment

The crucial thing here is to adapt to the Mortar!

As soon as you see that the Mortar starts shooting, you want to use your Boost to make your units faster so you can normally outrun the Mortar quite easily and go for the flawless 3-Star victory 😎

rush wars best attacking shields bazookas attacking

All Tanks

This is a more advanced startegy – not because of the tactics, they are actually pretty easy. You need to upgrade your tanks and they are epic so it not only takes some time and luck to get the cards, it also costs a good bunch of Coins to upgrade them.

rush wars best attacking all tanks setup


If you have done that you can use this strategy that is almost impossible to defeat right now.

The reason is they deal solid damage and have plenty of hitpoints and that makes it hard to defeat them.

You want to deploy them with two tanks on the strong lande (normally the middle lane) and one clearing tank on the outside lane.

rush wars best attacking all tanks deployment

During the fight you jsut need to watch out which tank could use some additional healing and then use it on that tank.

rush wars best attacking all tanks heal

If done correctly or you’ve not beenr unning into some weird anti-tank defense setup you should also take the 3-Star with you here 😎

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